The Willow Park Nursery is currently open from

        8:00am-4pm each day

               * Please follow ACT Health Restrictions when visiting


Due to the ACT Health restrictions please note that:

  • The nursery is only aloud to have 10 customers in the store at any one time. We are currently NOT taking reservations for entry so be aware that you may have to wait in your car for 5 minutes before being aloud to enter.

  • We will not be able to help you load anything into your car. We value the safety of our staff and want to lower the chances of spreading disease.

  • Mandatory mask and social distancing rules must be followed at all times while visiting the nursery.

Our Nursery is home to many animals including a wild flock of Peacocks! Here are some of our favorite photos of them:

Please Note: Although we look after our peacocks they are still wild animals so please do not feed or pet them. Chances are we like our peacocks more than you so ANY actions that hurt or stress out our animals will result in immediate removal from the property.

Willow Park Nursery stocks one of the largest and most extensive range of plants in the Canberra region. Among Canberra’s gardeners and landscapers, Willow Park Nursery is well known for superb quality and seemingly endless varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, pots, garden ornaments and potting mixes.

The team at Willow Park offer free advice on garden design, plant maintenance and can deliver your purchases right to your door. Willow Park Staff and Management will go to great lengths to ensure we source the best quality products the horticultural industry has to offer. We travel extensively throughout Australia and Internationally to ensure our customers have the best product range available.

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