* The Willow Park Nursery is currently closed due to ACT Covid-19 *                * Lockdown Restrictions

 Plants and Potting mix are still available for purchase pending call and collect or arranged delivery.  

Minimum order value of $100

To lodge an order of plants and potting mix or to enquire about our other products, please email Willowparknursery@gmail.com with the name(s) of plant/potting mix, the quantity you require as well as preferred size. You can also lodge an order through this webpage in the ‘Contact Us’ tab located at the top of the page along the directory bar, or call us directly on 02 6248 9095.

Please note; Due to restrictions, only products which are currently in stock can be purchased as no new stock can be imported, please see ‘Products’ tab for a list of items we currently have. Orders will be received and prepared each morning before 10 am, so please allow at least one working day. Orders must be purchased over the phone prior to pick up or delivery, we will make attempts to organize this payment pending approval of stock and order specifications.


Willow Park Nursery stocks one of the largest and most extensive range of plants in the Canberra region. Among Canberra’s gardeners and landscapers, Willow Park Nursery is well known for superb quality and seemingly endless varieties of plants, trees, shrubs, pots, garden ornaments and potting mixes.

The team at Willow Park offer free advice on DSC_0064garden design, plant maintenance and can deliver your purchases right to your door. Willow Park Staff and Management will go to great lengths to ensure we source the best quality products the horticultural industry has to offer. We travel extensively throughout Australia and Internationally to ensure our customers have the best product range available.

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